supporting youth engagement and proliferating offstage practitioners is fundermaental to Chris' motivation in the arts. 

The Brief

To provid professional standard design and production management services to a youth theatre company enabling their productions to be realised in commercial city centre venues to an audience of the general public, whilst supporting paid members of the company to occupy offstage support roles and give them creative input to the end results.

in a 20 year history, much more than this was provided to the company, including board memebrship, website design and hosting and international project support, and what we gain in return are industry professionals partial inspired into their careers by our work along with award winning shows to look back on.

Lighting design for stage productions of Shakespeare’s Plays. Winning local awards, working with community groups to understand and present numerous texts we have an indepth insight into the actraction of audiences to his body of work. 20 years of work for as lighting and set designers

Timelapse of a build for Stage2