They're musicians. They’re technologists. So, they’re fanatics about engineering innovative, amazing-sounding gear that's ready to go right out of the box. And they're pros who have a track record of designing category-defining products that shatter technical barriers─so you can focus on your music.

They introduced the world’s first digital modeling amp. They're the ones behind the groundbreaking POD® multi-effect, that revolutionized the industry with an easy way to record guitar with great tone. Their Variax® guitars can do more than any other instrument in history, and we’ve led the wireless analog-to-digital transition for musicians everywhere with our Relay® products.

They haven't stopped, either. Now, Line 6 has introduced HelixTM, our new flagship tour-ready guitar processor. Helix represents a giant leap forward in guitar processing, as well as a new way of thinking about guitarists and their relationship to technology. Helix joins a long line of past Line 6 innovations including the AMPLIFi family for Practice, Play and Recording, and the FirehawkTM multi-effects processor, which both incorporate intuitive app-based editing capabilities. They're StageScape® live sound workstation and StageSource® loudspeakers make music creation even better by incorporating powerful technology like iOS, the cloud, digital networking and more.

They’re proud that their long history of ingenuity and passion for innovation has helped them to change the industry. They’re all about giving you access to the tools you need to create, perform and record in ways you never thought possible. They promise that we'll always take dramatic leaps so you can reach new heights with your music. That's their commitment to you, because in the end, they love being a part of making great music.

Recent awards and accolades include:

  • 2015 Guitar World “Gold Award” (Firehawk FX)
  • 2015 Summer NAMM Best in Show (Helix)
  • 2015 30th NAMM TEC Winner (POD HD Pro X)
  • 2014 NAMM Best in Show (AMPLIFi)
  • 2014 Four TEC Award Nominations (Sonic Port™, StageSource L2t, POD HD500X, and Relay® G55)
  • 2013 TEC Award (POD HD Pro)
  • 2013 PLASA “Award for Innovation” (StageScape M20d)
  • 2013 Guitar World “Platinum Award” (StageSource L2t)
  • 2013 M.I.P.A. “Best Portable Sound” (StageSource L3t)
  • 2013 Electronic Musician “Editor’s Choice” (StageScape M20d)
  • 2013 NAMM Best in Show “Company to Watch”
  • 2012 NAMM Best in Show (StageScape M20d)
  • 2012 Guitar World “Gold Award” (James Tyler® Variax® JTV-59)

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